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Speaker/Entertainer Brad "BRADINI" Evans

Kid’s Health Advocate Declares…

 “I GUARANTEE My “MissionNutrition” Assembly Program Will Motivate And Inspire Your Students To Succeed, Or You’ll Get The Program For FREE!”

 Tulsa, OK

Monday morning, 9:14 AM

 Dear Friend,

 What I’m about to share with you is not like most assembly programs. If you’re looking to motivate your students and leave them with a program that actually touches them and guarantees they’ll have the best school year ever, then this is the most important letter you’ll ever read.

 But first, I want you warn you: this is a somewhat long letter, because I want you to have all the information you need to really understand what this remarkable assembly can do for your school. If I could tell you in a single page, believe me, I would.

 I’ll make this promise to you, however; reading this entire letter could be a turning point for your students, and will be well worth the few minutes it will take.

 Okay, let’s get started.

              Imagine, if you will, an assembly program so perfectly structured that your students leave the program energized, motivated, and armed with strategies to improve their health and well-being.  Your school and your staff will be thrilled with how educationally significant the program is and everyone…

 …thanks YOU for making it all happen!

              If you’d like to motivate your students and truly give them the strategies to improve their health, all while making this proven program easy on your school’s budget, then please read on…

  “I’ve seen a lot of assembly programs,

how do I know this one will be any different?

           I don’t blame you for thinking that. You’ll soon see how “Mission Nutrition” is so remarkable. We really believe you’ll find it to be the end of your search for this year’s hit assembly.

  Did you know that…

 According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies: 

  • 1 out of 5 children aged 6-11 are now obese


  • Over the past three decades, the rate of obesity has tripled in children ages 6-11


  • Obesity in early childhood can lead to an increase in health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression


  • Approximately 9 million children over the age of 6 are now considered obese

 Those are startling facts! What can we do to help our students?

 Here’s what makes the program so exciting…

 “Mission Nutrition” blends magic, comedy, and stories in a way kids can relate to, to really create a message that resonates and gets them FIRED UP about making themselves healthier.

As you know, the hallmark of a truly successful assembly blends together student involvement, presents educationally significant material, and is done in a way that is fun and memorable.

So what’s in the show????

              By now, I’m sure you’re wondering what I actually do in the program to make it such a hit.

              Well, I’ve blended proven techniques for eating and living healthier, stories, and some fun and powerful music and magic to really make learning fun.

              What you need is a creative approach to really reinforce the message and have it “stick” with students.

              You see, by the end of the program, all the students and staff will have had so much fun learning, that they’ll be sad to see it come to an end. Students will be involved with fun, amazing demonstrations of how to improve nutrition.

The “M.A.R.S. acronym explained:

                  After talking with teachers and other educators, and discovering what they want students to learn about nutrition, I developed the “M.A.R.S” acronym to make everything easy to remember.

 M – Move And Exercise!

             The first point of this show is “move and exercise.” Moving, exercising is a way to strengthen and build our bodies, and improve our flexibility. We have all seen people who lift weights to make their muscles stronger. Well, our heart is our most important muscle, and exercising is a way to work out that muscle!

 A – Avoid Junk Food!

             Next we talk about avoiding junk foods. We all know there are foods that are good for us to eat, and foods that are not so good to eat. But do students really understand why? The program also has another important message, that “junk food” is not BAD. We let the students know that a junk food snack is ok every now and then, but the majority of what you eat should come from the food groups.

 R –Right Foods To Eat!

             The next point of the show discusses what the students should be eating in their diet. We introduce the food pyramid, and comically discuss what the different food groups mean, and why it’s smart to eat from all of them!

 S – Skip The Soda Pop, Drink Water!

             Soda pop is considered a “junk food” and that means it’s ok to have every now and then as a little snack. But water is the most important thing that we can put into our bodies!

 Best of all, it works!

 I guarantee you’ll love the program. In fact, here’s something else you’ll love.

 We also know that an assembly wouldn’t be complete without support and enthusiasm from your teachers. And for this reason, we include with every assembly program:

 Ř      The official “MissionNutrition” poster!

 This is a poster that you can print out and hang around your school to build enthusiasm for the coming show!

Ř      The official “MissionNutrition” bookmark for every student!

How cool is this? EVERY student will leave the program with a bookmark! On the front of the bookmark are the four points of the show. On the back of the bookmark are two really cool optical illusions! So the students will take the bookmark home to show their parents the optical illusions, and of course the parents will ask the student about the program, reinforcing the message long after I’ve left! Best of all, these cost your school absolutely NOTHING!

 "OK, this sounds like an awesome program that really can motivate our students to change their eating and living habits, but it sounds like it might be out of our budget…

             I appreciate your concern that a proven program like this may, at first glance, appear to be too expensive, due to the elaborate presentation, support materials, and the amazing experience you’ll receive when I come to your school.

             Stay with me. I promise to make this work for your school’s budget…

             You’ll be pleased to know that the program can be brought to your school affordably.

   What if we’ve got a large group and we’d

probably need two assemblies

              We’ll make everything extremely easy and hassle free when you book us. You’ll never be in the dark as to when we’re arriving, and we’ll always keep our demands low and leave your stage area cleaner than when we arrived!

 OK, everything sounds great, how can we book you?

It’s easy, just call our office at 918-272-1651 Call and we will lead you through the easy booking process.

Plus, you’ll be protected by our 100%

“Tear Up Your Check” Money Back Guarantee…

              Bring our “Mission Nutrition” program to your school. Hear your students and staff immensely enjoy the program. If you aren’t convinced that this was the best nutrition assembly you’ve ever had, if your students weren’t motivated, if your staff wasn’t thrilled with how educational our program was (and how easily we maintained your students attention while keeping control), then we’ll tear up your check on the spot and we’ll pack up and be on our way.

              No other assembly presenter offers a guarantee this strong. We know you’ll never need to use it, but doesn’t it feel good to be protected?

              Don’t waste time. Our calendar is already filling up, and we’d hate to put you on our waiting list.

                    Call us now, 918-272-1651 to bring this proven program to your school this year!

              I look forward to energizing and motivating your students this year.

 With warm regards,

     Brad "BRADINI" Evans

Speaker, Magician, Illusionist, Entertainer

Oklahoma Texas Arkansas Nutrition Magician

Motivational Speaker,Oklahoma Speaker

Mission Nutrition Magician, Nutrition Assemblies


              * An all-new school assembly program!!
                 * Geared for all elementary grades, K-6!
                 * Emphasis on Healthy Choices!
                 * Advice on What to Eat & Avoid!
                 * Information About Nutrition!
                 * Lots of audience participation!
                 * Lots of comedy, music and surprise!!
                 * Suitable for any public, parochial or private school setting!
                 * Easy to arrange - just email or phone 918-272-1651!

Request for Information

Mission Nutrition is a fast, exciting, fun-filled program to help teach kids about nutrition. Children will learn how to identify bad nutrition habits, what to do to stay healthy, and how to eat the right kinds of foods and drinks.  Teachers and staff will also learn many identifiers and techniques to help change bad habits and get healthy. Through stories, games, comedy and audience participation, students will become more aware of this "hidden" problem and help learn how to make their school a healthier, safer and more fun place.

About the Program

One after another, Bradini's routines will keep students and teachers fascinated. As always, there is a lot of comedy and a lot of audience participation to help students focus on and remember the objectives and educational content.

Like all of Bradini's programs, this is a professionally scripted show, written with proper sequencing for high and low spots to provide children with lots of excitement but prevent them from becoming unruly. Children who are called on to assist are always rewarded and never embarrassed. Teachers and principals always comment on how wonderfully Bradini handles children. In addition, Bradini adds special humorous touches that just the adults will understand and enjoy.

As always, Bradini brings all of his own props and tables, has specially-tailored costuming and carries his own backdrop and "anywhere" sound system. This is an act that can be performed in almost any location, large rooms or small, stage, auditorium, classroom or cafeteria. It can be adjusted to be suitable for groups of from 10 to 250. Schools with larger enrollments should have two programs. Splitting a full-range school into, say, one K-2 program and another for grades 3-5 allows Bradini to customize the language, objectives and vocabulary to the different grade levels. When performing for Primary grades, Bradini will make the program lighter, faster and more fun. When presenting the same program to Upper Elementary, Bradini will use higher vocabulary, and focus more strongly on the objectives and cause and effect.

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I hope to hear from you soon,

Brad "Bradini" Evans

Magician, Illusionist, Entertainer


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